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Jairo Guedes Braga (a.k.a. Jairo Guedz) wis the lead guitar player o Brazilian hivy metal baund Sepultura prior tae Andreas Kisser. His recordit ootput wi the baund includes the Bestial Devastation (1985) EP an their first full-length, Morbid Visions (1986). When playin wi Sepultura he uised the alias "Tormentor",[1] an on occasion, "Jairo T."[2] Jairo an aw played guitar wi The Mist, Overdose an Eminence, aw metal baunds frae Brazil.

He left Sepultura in early 1987,[3] claimin he wis "leukin for something different", muisically speakin.[4] He wis replacit a week later by Andreas Kisser. He is the faither o Igor an Érico Braga an aw, 17 an 12 year auld respectively. Nouadays he lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He remains guid friends wi the baund tae this day an aften joins them at soccer matches. He recently appeared on Sepultura's latest DVD, Live in São Paulo, playin guitar on the sangs "Necromancer" an "Troops Of Doom", baith of which appeared on the Sepultura studio album he contributit tae, Morbid Visions.

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