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Isabella I o Castile

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Isabella I
Portrait bi Juan de Flandes
Queen o Castile an León
Ring11 December 1474 – 26 November 1504
Coronation13 December 1474 (Segovia)
PredecessorHenry IV
Co-rulerFerdinand V
Queen consort o Aragon, Majorca, Naples, an Valencia
Tenure20 Januar 1479 – 26 November 1504
Born22 Aprile 1451
Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Spain
Dee'd26 November 1504(1504-11-26) (aged 53)
Medina del Campo, Spain
BuirialCapilla Real, Granada, Spain
SpooseFerdinand II, Keeng o Aragon
amang ithers...
Isabella, Queen o Portugal
John, Prince o Asturias
Joanna, Queen o Castile
Maria, Queen o Portugal
Catherine, Queen o Ingland
HooseHoose o Trastámara
FaitherJohn II, Keeng o Castile
MitherIsabella o Portugal
ReleegionRoman Catholic
SeegnaturIsabella I's signature

Isabella I (Spaingie: Isabel I, Auld Spainyie: Ysabel I; 22 Aprile 1451 – 26 November 1504), forby kent as Isabella the Catholic, wis queen o Castile an León (Croun o Castile). She an her husband, Ferdinand II o Aragon, broucht stability tae the kinricks that acame the basis for the unification o Spain. Later the twa laid the foondations for the poleetical unification o Spain unner thair grandson, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Efter a struggle tae claim her richt tae the throne, she reorganized the govrenmental seestem, broucht the crime rate tae the lawest it haed been in years, an pulled the kinrick oot o the enormous debt her brither haed left ahind. Her reforms an those she made wi her husband haed an influence that extendit well beyond the borders o thair unitit kinricks. Isabella an Ferdinand are kent for completin the Reconquista, orderin conversion or exile o thair Muslim an Jewish subjects an in supportin an financin Christopher Columbus' 1492 voyage that led tae the openin o the "New Warld". Isabella wis grantit the title Servant o God bi the Catholic Kirk in 1974.

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