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Inverkeilor view

Inverkeilor is a clachan furth o Arbroath in Angus, Scotland. It is near aboots the North Sea hauf wey atween Munross an Arbroath. It ance haed a railwey station (frae 1883 til 1930), tho the trains heidin north tae Aiberdeen aw noo pass the toun, an the road tae Aiberdeen (A92) forby passes by the clachan.

The clacan wis ance caaed Conghoillis, an wis dedicatit tae a Saint Mo Chonóc of Cell Mucroisse, that micht be associet wi Forteviot or St Aundraes, or aiblins Coontie Wexford in Ireland.[1]

Train passin Inverkeilor

The Inverkeilor Primary schuil his noo 71 pupils an hed a guid report frae the eddication inspectors[2]

Inverkeilor Primary School

The Arbikie whisky distillery[3] is near Inverkeilor.[4]

Inverkeilor Parish Church

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