International Air Transport Association

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International Air Transport Association
Formation19 Apryle 1945; 79 years ago (1945-04-19) in Havana, Cuba
Teepinternaitional trade association
Heidquarters800 Place Victoria (rue Gauvin), Montreal, Canadae
Coordinates45°30′02″N 73°33′42″W / 45.5006°N 73.5617°W / 45.5006; -73.5617
approx. 240 airlines (2013)
Tony Tyler

The International Air Transport Association (IATA /ˈɑːtə/[1]) is an internaitional industry trade group o airlines heidquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canadae, whaur the International Civil Aviation Organization is an aa heidquartered. The executive affices are at the Geneva Airport in Swisserland.

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