Inga fowk

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The Inga fowk are a indigenous ethnic group frae the Soothwast region o Colombie.[1]

Thay speak a dialect o Quechuan kent as Inga Kichwa. Amaist aw Inga fowk are bilingual in Inga an Spainyie, which haes caused fear that the Inga leid micht be a endangered leid.[1]

Mony the day live tradeetionally in Sibundoy Valley.[1]

Francisco Tandioy Jansasoy is currently involvit in the creation o a Inga–Spaingie–Inglis dictionar an accompanyin pedagogic tri-lingual material for its uise in varsities an in the Inga-speakin commonties o Colombie.[2] Thare haes been significant linguistic an anthropological wirk done in the past 30 years perteenin tae the Inga fowks.

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