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The Iliad is ane o twa lang poems attributit tae the Greek makar Homer, the ither bein The Odyssey. It is anent the kenspeckle Trojan War, an featurs mony chiels that wis weel kent tae the Greeks sic as Achilles, Odysseus, Hector an Aias - as weel as the Greek pantheon; Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, an mony ithers forby thae.

The poem begins near the end o a ten year lang war - the history an causes o the war bein expoondit oot-throu the story. Maist o the action taks place ower fower days, efter the heidmaist Greek fechter, Achilles, haes taen himsel awa frae the stour. The fortuins o the fecht comes an gangs for baith sides, but ower aw the Trojans haes the upper haund whan Achilles isna fechtin. Whan Achilles freend Patroclus is killt, Achilles rejynes the fechtin, howpin tae kill the Trojan heid yin in revenge, he syne daes that. The poem ends wi the yirdin o Hector. Bi the end Achilles haesna dee'd, an Troy haesna been dingit doun, but it is clear that naither o thir things is faur aff.

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