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Human sexual acteevity

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Human sexual activity, human sexual practice ir human sexual behaviour is the mainer in whilk humans experience an express thair sexuality. Fowk engage in aw teeps o sexual acts, fae acteevities duin alane (e.g., masturbation) tae acts wi anither body (e.g., sexual intercoorse, non-thirle sex, mooth sex, etc.) at different times, fir mony different raisons. Sexual acteevity maist aften leads tae sexual pleisur an physiological chynges in the body bein pleisur't, sum o whilk are obvious while ithers are mair suttle. Sexual acteevity micht include behaviour an acteevities whilk are ettelt tae raise the the sexual interest o anither ir impruive the sex life o anither, sic as weys tae find ir attract pairtners (coortship an kythe behaviour), ir personal connection atween fowk (ex. foreplay ir BDSM).