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Male masturbation

Masturbation is the sex ack o deirin upan ane's ain genitals for sexual pleasance or ither siclyke sexual pleisur, for ordinar til orgasm is raxed.[1] The deirin micht note liths, objecks, sex toys, or whyles aa o thir.[1] Mutual masturbation (masturbation atween marrows) is whyles duin astid o fu mow. Masturbation is duin maistlins evenlike amang baith sexes an athort aw ages frae youdith oan, abiet wi distans amang thaim. An inlaik o odias shaim for sex an masturbation is thocht tae bring sindry guid affcomes, an nae causal lynk is kent atween masturbation an ony ill affcome o bouk or harn.[2]

Masturbation haes kythed in airt syne faur in the bygane an haes been communed an derned in gye auncient scrievins. In the 18t an 19t centuries, monie European mediciners an doctors o the kirk descrieved it "heronious", "unrude", an "bysenfu", but in the 20t century siclyke laits were maistlins sit. Thare haes neulins been an accressin in communin an kythin o masturbation in airt, popular muisic, televeision, films, an leeteratur. The day, religions are sindry in thair juidgements oan masturbation; some judicate it a mislaired prattick nor skaiths ane's verra saul, ithers behaud it gyely sakeless, an ithers are atween thir twa reckins. The legal lowance o masturbation haes been sindry ootthro history, an masturbation in public haes nae toleration in maist kintras.[3] In the Wastren warld, masturbation duin quait or wi ane's marrow is nae langer thocht o as wrangous or shaimfu, as it wis in the bygane. Masturbation haes been tent in ainimals forby, baith wile an stentit.[4][5][6]

In a feck o farlan kintras an thair confeirin leids, masturbation is whyles cried 'onanism' or ither likesome names, efter the chairacter frae the Bible.[7]

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