Hoose o Beauharnais

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Noble family
Blason fam fr Beauharnais.svg
Motto: "We do not serve others"
(French: Autre ne sers)
KintraFrance, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Russia
EstatesChâteau de La Ferté-Beauharnais
Palais Leuchtenberg
Mariinsky Pailace
Style(s)"Imperial Majesty"
"Imperial Highness"
"Serene Highness"
Foondit14th century (14th century)
FoonderFrançois de Beauharnais
Final rulerHortense de Beauharnais
Current heidNicolas de Leuchtenberg
Deposeetion1810 (1810)
EthnicityBreton (French)

The Hoose o Beauharnais is a French faimlie o nobility wha originate frae Breetany, Fraunce.