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La Española (Spainyie)
Ispayola (Haitian Creole)
View of Haitian Landscape hispaniola.jpg
View frae Hispaniola
Location Caribbean
Coordinates 19°N 71°W / 19°N 71°W / 19; -71
Archipelago Greater Antilles
Area 76,480 km2 (29,529 sq mi)
Area rank 22nd
Coastline 3,059 km (1,900.8 mi)
Highest elevation 3,175 m (10,417 ft)[1]
Highest point Pico Duarte
Population 18,943,000[2] (as of 2005)
Density 241.5 /km2 (625.5 /sq mi)

Hispaniola (Spainyie: La Española; Haitian Creole: Ispayola; Taíno: Ayiti[3]) is a major Caribbean island comprisin the twa sovereign naitions o Haiti an the Dominican Republic. The island is locatit atween Cuba tae the wast an Puerto Rico tae the east.

Hispaniola is the steid o the first European colonies foondit bi Christopher Columbus on his voyages in 1492 an 1493. It is the tent-maist-populous island in the warld, an the maist populous in the Americas. It is the seicont lairgest island in the Caribbean (efter Cuba) an the 22nt-lairgest island in the warld.

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