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Hirohito / Emperor Shōwa
裕仁 / 昭和天皇
Keizer Hirohito 1971.jpg
Emperor o Japan
Ring December 25, 1926 –
Januar 7, 1989
Enthronement November 10, 1928
Predecessor Taishō
Successor Akihito
Prime Meenisters
Born 29 Apryle 1901(1901-04-29)
Aoyama Palace, Tokyo, Japan
Dee'd 7 Januar 1989(1989-01-07) (aged 87)
Fukiage Palace, Tokyo, Japan
Buirial Februar 24, 1989
Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan
Spouse Empress Kōjun
Issue Princess Teru
Princess Hisa
Princess Taka
Princess Yori
Emperor Akihito
Prince Hitachi
Princess Suga
Full name
Hirohito (裕仁)
Hoose Imperial Hoose o Japan
Faither Taishō
Mither Teimei
Seegnatur Hirohito / Emperor Shōwa 裕仁 / 昭和天皇's signature

Hirohito (裕仁?, Apryle 29, 1901 - Januar 7, 1989) wis the Emperor (天皇, tennō?) o Japan the noo, an the 124t Emperor accordin ti Japan's tradeetional order o succession. He wis succeedit bi his eldest son, Akihito. In Japan, he is nou referred tae primarily bi his posthumous name, Emperor Shōwa. The wird Shōwa is the name o the era that correspondit wi the Emperor's ring, an wis made the Emperor's awn name upon his daith. The name Hirohito means "abundant benevolence".

At the stairt o his ring, Japan wis awreidy ane o the great pouersthe nint-lairgest economy in the warld, the third-lairgest naval pouer, an ane o the fowr permanent members o the cooncil o the League o Naitions.[1] He wis the heid o state unner the Constitution o the Empire o Japan in Japan's imperial expansion, militarisation, an involvement in Warld War II. Efter Japan's surrender o the war, he wis nae prosecutit for war crimes as mony ither leadin govrenment feegurs war, an his degree o involvement in wartime deceesions remeens controversial.[2]

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