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Akihito 090710-1600b.jpg
The Emperor in 2009.
125t Emperor o Japan
Reign 7 January 1989 – present
Enthronement 12 November 1990
Predecessor Shōwa
Heir apparent Croun Prince Naruhito
Prime Meenisters
Spouse Empress Michiko
Croun Prince Naruhito
Prince Akishino
Princess Nori
Full name
Akihito (明仁?)
House Imperial Hoose o Japan
Faither Shōwa
Mither Kōjun
Born 23 December 1933 (1933-12-23) (age 81)
Tokyo, Japan
Releegion Shinto

Akihito (明仁?, born 23 Dezember 1933) is the Emperor (天皇, tennō?) o Japan the noo, an the 125t Emperor accordin ti Japan's tradeetional order o succession. He acceded til the throne in 1989, an is the 19t maist senior monarc. He is the warld's anly currently rignin monarc that haes a teetle translatit intil Scots an Inglis as "Emperor".