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Heriot-Watt Varsity

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Heriot-Watt Varsity
Established1821 – as the School of Arts of Edinburgh
1966 – as university by Royal Charter
ChancellorRobert M Buchan
PrincipalProfessor Richard Williams
Chairman o CoortFrances Cairncross
Admeenistrative staff
StudentsGlobal: 31,000[1]
Edinburgh: 11,155 (2019/20)[2]
UnnergraduatesEdinburgh: 8,150 (2019/20)[2]
PostgraduatesEdinburgh: 3,005 (2019/20)[2]
LocationEdinburgh, Scotland
Ither campus locationsThe Mairches
AffiliationsAssociation o Commonweelth Varsities, CESAER, Chairtered Association o Business Schuils, Edinburgh Research Pairtnership in Ingineerin

Heriot-Watt Varsity is a public varsity based in Edinburgh, established in 1821 as the warld's first mechanics' institute (Royal Charter grantit in 1966).

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