Hans Christian Ørsted

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Hans Christian Ørsted
Hans Christian Ørsted, Der Geist in der Natur, 1854

Hans Christian Ørsted (Rudkøbing 14 August,17779 Mairch,1851 in Copenhagen) wis a Dens pheesicist an chemist, influenced bi the conceits o Immanuel Kant. In 1820 he diskivered the relationship atween eletric an magnetism in an unco semple experiment. He shawed that a wire cairyin a current dow deflect a magnetised compass needle. Ørsted dinnae suggest onie guid explanation o the phenomenon, nor did he ettle ti represent the phenomenon in a mathematical framework.

Ørsted wisna the first body ti discover that eletric an magnetism are relatit. Gian Domenico Romagnosi, an Italian legal scholar, discovert the connection 18 year afore. An accoont o Romagnosi's discovery wis published in 1802 in an Italian newspaper, but it wisna noticed bi the scienteific commonty.

In 1825 he produced alumeenium for the first time.

The CGS unit o magnetic induction (the oersted) is named in honour o his wark in the field o electromagnetism.

On his passin in 1851, Hans Christian Ørsted wis birriet in the Assistens Kirkegård in the Nørrebro section o Copenhagen. He wis the brither o the politeecian Anders Sandøe Ørsted.

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