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Hanoi Caipital Region

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Hanoi Caipital Region or Hanoi Metropolitan Aurie (Vietnamese: Vùng thủ đô Hà Nội) is a metropolitan aurie currently plannit bi the govrenment o Vietnam. This metropolitan aurie wis creatit on 5 Mey 2008 bi the decision o the Prime Meenister o Vietnam. Hanoi is the core ceety o this metropolitan aurie. Ither component pairts include provinces: Vinh Phuc, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Ha Nam an Hoa Bình wi an aurie o 13,436 km², hauf o the size o Greater Ho Chi Minh Ceety, the same for population size plannin.

Hà Tây, wis mergit intae Hanoi bi a resolution o the Naitional Assembly o Vietnam in Juin 2008, this metropolitan aurie includes Hanoi an sax surroondin provinces.

As o 2006, this metropolitan aurie haes a population o 12.462 million, o which, 3.26 million live in urban auries, bi 2020, the number will be 14.5-15 an 8.1-9.2 million respectively.

Component localities

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This metropolitan aurie straddles in follaein provinces: [1]

Major ceeties

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Current ceeties an touns (as o 2008)

Major adjacent ceeties:

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