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Sơn Tây

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Son Tay

Thị xã Sơn Tây
Son Tay is located in Vietnam
Son Tay
Son Tay
Location of in Vietnam
Coordinates: 21°8′N 105°30′E / 21.133°N 105.500°E / 21.133; 105.500
Kintra Vietnam

Sơn Tây is an urban destrict an ceety in Hanoi, the caipital o Vietnam. It wis the caipital o Son Tay province afore mergin wi Ha Dong province in 1965. Son Tay lies 35 km wast o the caipital Hanoi an is aften referred tae as “sodger toun” due tae the proliferation o airmy barracks an militar institutions that surroonds the toun, includin the Vietnamese Fowkairmy Infantry Academy.

A U.S. militar preesoner-o-war rescue attempt occurred here in the early fore-nuin oors of 21 November 1970. A special task force o Green Berets, supportit bi Air Force an Navy assets, raidit a POW camp locatit in the province. The raid failed when it wis discovered thare wur nae preesoners thare, but managit tae depairt wi minimal loss in equipment an nae loss o life for the raidin force.

Son Tay’s futur is seen as being vera hintle that o a satellite ceety o Hanoi an as a result thare are plans tae relocate universities an ither public facilities tae Son Tay whaur laund is cheaper an mair plentiful. The govrenment hae commencit this ambitious program bi duplicatin the main Hanoi—Sơn Tây carriagewa which wis expectit tae be completit in 2009.

Pham Van Dong, a general wis frae Son Tay.


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Son Tay is famous for its thoosan year auld veelages, such as Duong Lam which retains a collection o vernacular airchitectur wi biggins an temples built uisin laterite bricks.

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