Hanne Dahl

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Hanne Dahl

Hanne Dahl (born 30 August 1970) is a Dens priestess an politeecian frae Aalborg. She is a member o the European Parliament, representin the Juin Muivement (Dens: Junibevægelsen).[1]

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dahl is pairtly grew up in Malaysie, Indonesie an Singapore, whare she attendit the American Internaitional Schuil, graduatit frae Aarhus Cathedral Schuil 1990 an studiet theology at the University o Aarhus in 1991. She wirkit as a project assistant 1999-2002, unthirlt congregation pastor o Himmerland 1998 - 2005 , Project 2002-2004, poleetical assistant in the European Parliament 2004-2008. She wis established commentator on Weekendavisen 2000-2002 an buird member o the Free Teacher Schuil in Ollerup 2002-2004 an aw.

In 2009, she wis appointed vicar o Hasseris parish at Aalborg. The follaein year she became pastor o Morso Frimenighed in the Baltic Jølby.

She is marriet an haes a dochter wi Mogens Ove Madsen, Associate Professor o Economics at Aalborg University. Frae a previous marriage, she haes a son an a dochter.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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