Hande Yener

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Hande Yener
Background information
Birth nameMakbule Hande Özyener
Born (1973-01-12) 12 Januar 1973 (age 51)
Istanbul, Turkey
  • Sangster
  • sangwriter
  • record producer
Years active2000–present
LabelsPoll Production

Hande Yener (born 12 Januar 1973 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkis pop sangster. She is ane o the maist famous sangsters in Turkey. Ower the past decade, she haes introducit different styles tae the iver expandin Turkis pop muisic scene.[1] Ilka ane o her albums haes generatit a lot o interest as well as anticipation due tae the different styles, genres an rhythms that she incorporates intae her muisic.[2]

Life an career[eedit | eedit soorce]

1973-99: Early life an career beginnins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Makbule Hande Özyener wis born on 12 Januar 1973, in Kadıköy, Istanbul. She wantit tae study conservatory efter graduatit frae the seicontar schuil but her parents didna let her an then she began tae Erenköy Girls Heich Schuil.[3] She droppit oot o heich schuil an marriet wi Uğur Kulaçoğlu at the age o 17.[4] In 1991, Yener gave birth tae her son, Çağın Kulaçoğlu.[4] She began tae tak singin lessons frae Erdem Siyavuşgil an tree'd tae contact Sezen Aksu.[3]

In 1992, Hande Yener met Hülya Avşar, who wis shoppin at the depairtment store she wirkit at. Avşar wad arrange for a meetin wi her tae meet Sezen Aksu, who wad eventually invite her tae audeetion in order tae wirk wi her on her upcomin album. Hande went on tae be hired an quickly become Sezen Aksu's assistant an back vocalist for her album, "Deli Kızın Türküsü" (Fowk Soangs o a Crazy Girl). This gave her the first steppin stane intae the muisic industrie, as wirkin wi Aksu alloued her no anerlie tae gain some experience as an airtist, but play contributions tae producin some o Sezen's famous albums durin the 1990s an aw.

2000-01: Senden İbaret an Extra[eedit | eedit soorce]

Hande wad go on tae wirk wi Sezen as a backin vocalist for twa years. Efterwards she managit tae establish hersel no anerlie some experience, but a recognizable name as those that wirk as vocalist for Sezen tend tae attract some attention for bein chosen as wirthy airtists an aw. It teuk some time for Hande tae feenally release her first album in 1999 which is cried, "Senden İbaret" (All About You).

The first single released aff frae the album wis cried, "Yalanın Batsın" (Damn Your Lies). It wis a dance track that spelled instant success. This wis considerin that it managit tae skyrocket richt tae the top o maist Turkis chairts, allouin it tae become an instant club hit. The seicont single that follaeed frae this album wis, "Yoksa Mani" (If There Isn't An Obstacle). It managit tae attract a lot attention an aw, as it wis a pop track that accompanee'd some eastren-soondin elements tae it.

The success ahint "Senden İbaret" wis so successful, that it promptit a single release cried, "Extra" in 2001. This CD single featured different remixes tae sangs that appeared on her first album, alang wi a couple o new tracks as well. It managit tae dae surprisingly well for a single, as Hande's popularity haed just begun tae pick up steam.

2002-03: Sen Yoluna... Ben Yoluma...[eedit | eedit soorce]

Later in 2001, Yener's seicont album came oot an juist when she mey hae thocht that she's seen it aw, her success managit tae further skyrocket wi "Sen Yoluna... Ben Yoluma..." (Go Your Way...I Will Go Mine...). The album incorporatit a lot o ethnic an tradeetional muisic wi those o modren pop. Wi singles like, "Sen Yoluna... Ben Yoluma..." an "Küs"; Hande's popularity seemit tae show nae end. Her success can be witnessed as she performit at sauld-oot concerts no anerly in Turkey but abroad an aw. That, plus she haes been recognisit as bein ane o maist likely airtist tae continue on a successful muisical career for years tae come. Indeed, this wad pruive tae be the case in the release o the albums tae follae.

2004-05: Aşk Kadın Ruhundan Anlamıyor[eedit | eedit soorce]

Later on, Yener wad return back intae the muisic industrie wi the release o, "Aşk Kadın Ruhundan Anlamıyor" (Love Doesn't Understand a Women's Soul) in 2004. Her third album, which haed sax hits aw ower Turkey includit, "Acele Etme" (Don't Rush), "Kırmızı" (Red), "Acı Veriyor" (The Pain it Gives), "Armağan" (Gift), "Hoşgeldiniz" (Welcome) an "Bu Yüzden" (Because of That). Ither tracks that became radio hits athort Turkey includit, "Savaş Sonrası" (After the War) an "Aşk Kadın Ruhundan Anlamıyor". "Aşk Kadın Ruhundan Anlamıyor" brocht success tae Yener in some kintras ootside o Turkey as well. Yener's 3rd album is arguable ane o her best as it featured rangin genres stretchin frae "Acı Veriyor"'s rock ballad tae "Acele Etme"'s Oriental dance beats. Nanetheless, this album's popularity presistit for ower 2 years.

2006: Apayrı an Hande Maxi[eedit | eedit soorce]

Awtho her previous album wis a huge success, Yener decidit tae impruive an refine her muisic style ance mair. She wad leave the Türk pop, pavin the wey tae incorporate a mair dance-friendly Europop soond, alang wi chyngin her appearance as well. She cut an dyed her black frae blonde. The result wis "Apayrı" (Totally Different), which came oot in early 2006. Some o the hit singles that came oot frae "Apayrı"" includit, "Kelepçe" (Handcuffs), "Aşkın Ateşi" (The Fire of Love) an "Kim Bilebilir Aşkı" (Who Can Guess What Love Is). Each o these singles featured different genres that simply woued Turkey. "Kelepçe" haed a groovy disco soond tae it. "Aşkın Ateşi" wis a sweet pop track an "Kim Bilebilir Aşkı" featured a Far-Eastren soond that haed hints o techno felt throuoot the sang. The album sauld 200.000 copies.[5]

Later on, as the popularity o "Apayrı" spread aw aroond Turkey, Yener decidit tae release a maxi-single containin sangs componit wi her new muisical style (which would be her first maxi-single released an aw). The result wis "Hande Maxi", which gained popularity an aw. "Hande Maxi" contained three new sangs as well three remixes. The three new sangs haed a mair electronic an trance soond in thaim, hintin anither chynge in her muisical style. Ane o the new sangs, "Biraz Özgürlük" (A Little Freedom), haes gained popularity.

2007-09: Nasıl Delirdim?, Hipnoz an Hayrola?[eedit | eedit soorce]

Hande Yener in Marmaris, 2009

Efter Hande Maxi, wi its electronic an trance soond, Yener continued wi that soond releasing "Nasıl Delirdim?" (How Did I Go Mad?) on 15 Mey 2007. The album includit numerous tracks written an componit bi Sezen Aksu. The first single featured wis cried, "Kibir" (Arrogance). The album wis released wi 72,000 copies an fower different covers which includit 3-dimensional airtwirks. The copies released later fashioned anerlie ane o these fower covers. The themes on the album wur maistly aboot a wumman's worries aboot relationships dealin wi aboot paranoia, lettin go, bein sad or mad an selfishness. The seicont single wis amaist obvious when the first single came out. It was called, "Romeo"; a sang co-written bi Yener hersel, dedicatit tae her boyfriend. "Yalan Olmasın" (Without a Lie) wis released in January 2008 as a third, an feenal, single wi accompanyin muisic video. It did no achieve hintle success, housomeivver, for it did no chairt at aw in Turkey.

In Aprile 2008, it wis annooncit that Yener haes feenished wirkin on her new studio album. The album, "Hipnoz" (Hypnosis), wis released in Julie 2008, an is, like Nasıl Delirdim?, frae beginnin tae end full o electronic soonds. The album didna sell as well as her previous albums, haein sauld 40.000+ copies. The title track servit as the lead sang, as well as bein the anerlie single comin frae that album. Like the album, Hipnoz didna dae well, reachin the #10 position in the Turkis chairt, accordin tae Nielsen Music Control.

Housomeivver, no tired o electropop yet, Yener released Hayrola? (What's Going On?), bein released on 6 Aprile 2009. The album contains, yet again, 10 tracks, aw in the style o electropop. It wis her first, an as it turned oot anerly, album on the "Avrupa" label. For "Hayrola?", which is recordit in the UK, Yener haes wirkit wi electronic composer Erol Temizel, an 9 o the sangs hae leerics written bi Yener hersel (wi "Siz" bein the exception, for that sang is written bi Aylin Aslım). The main themes o the album are weemen breakin doun taboos an tradeetional values, the inability tae embrace different lifestyles an the complex mechanisms o attraction. The album amaist equaled the sales o Hipnoz, haein sauld 37,000+ copies. The lead single, as well as the anerlie single released frae this album, title track Hayrola? did better nor her twa previous singles, reachin #3 on the Turkis muisic chairt.

2010: Hande'ye Neler Oluyor? an Hande'yle Yaz Bitmez[eedit | eedit soorce]

On the first o Aprile 2010, bein blonde again an haein left Avrupa Müzik, nou bein pairt o the music label o Poll Production, Yener released yet anither album, cried Hande'ye Neler Oluyor? (What's Going On With Hande?). Afore she released this album, she haes been citit that she wad likely return tae a mair pop-orientit soond, meanin lettin go o the prevailin electronic soond o her last three albums an her EP Hande Maxi. Awtho no a collection o pur electronic songs, the album didna throw the electronic soond completely owerbuird — it actually contains nae live instrumentation — favourin a mair dance-pop orientit album, reminiscin o some songs o her Apayrı-era, ower the mair Türk pop albums in the early days o her career.

The album contains 11 sangs an 3 remixes, makkin a total o 14 sangs, aw o which are written completely bi Sinan Akçıl, a Turkis componer, sangwriter an muisic producer aiblins best kent for Hadise's ESC 2009 sang Düm Tek Tek. The album haes sauld mair nor 50.000 copies in the first week o its release,[6] an went on sellin 60,000+ in its third an fowert week.[7]

Hande'yle Yaz Bitmez is the third maxi single bi Turkis pop airtist Hande Yener, released bi Poll Production[8] The CD consists o ane new sang, "Uzaylı" (Alien), bein her new single, twa remixes o that same sang, an aicht remixes o sangs frae her previous album "Hande'ye Neler Oluyor?", aw written bi Sinan Akçıl.[9][10]

2011-present: Teşekkürler an Kraliçe[eedit | eedit soorce]

Hande Yener in Bochum, 2011

Her latest album is cried Teşekkürler (Thanks) an wis co-producit bi Sinan Akçıl. Comprisin 12 sangs, the album haes so far spawned three single releases: "Bana Anlat" ("Tell Me"), "Unutulmuyor" ("Not Forgotten") an "Teşekkürler" ("Thank You").

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

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