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Härgla manor main biggin
Härgla manor main biggin
Härgla is located in Estonie
Location in Estonie
Coordinates: 59°06′01″N 24°54′36″E / 59.10028°N 24.91000°E / 59.10028; 24.91000
Kintra Estonie
Coonty Rapla Coonty
Municipality Juuru Pairish
First mentioned1241
 • Total12.35 km2 (4.77 sq mi)
 • Total68
 • Density5.5/km2 (14/sq mi)

Härgla (kent as Härgküla an aw) is a veelage in Juuru Pairish, Rapla Coonty, Estonie. It haes a aurie o 12.35 km² an a population o 68 (as o 1 Februar 2010).[1]

In 2010 Kalda veelage wis detached frae the launds o Härgla.[2]

manor[eedit | eedit soorce]

Härgla manor (German: Herkül) is mentioned in written soorces for the first time in 1516. The current biggin oreeginally dates frae the 1780's but haes been extensively rebuilt. The façade is dominatit bi the lairge ionic portico. Remainin interior details are maistly late 19t century.[3]

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