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Main biggin o Järlepa Manor
Main biggin o Järlepa Manor
Järlepa is located in Estonie
Location in Estonie
Coordinates: 59°08′11″N 24°55′38″E / 59.13639°N 24.92722°E / 59.13639; 24.92722
Kintra Estonie
Coonty Rapla Coonty
Municipality Juuru Pairish
 • Total10.02 km2 (3.87 sq mi)
 • Total206
 • Density21/km2 (53/sq mi)

Järlepa is a veelage in Juuru Pairish, Rapla Coonty, Estonie. It haes a aurie o 10.02 km² an a population o 206 (as o 1 Februar 2010).[1]

In 2010 Sadala veelage wis detached frae the launds o Järlepa an Lõiuse veelages.[2]

Järlepa manor[eedit | eedit soorce]

Järlepa (German: Jerlep) wis foondit efter 1688. The present biggin wis erectit in 1804 in a classicist style. It wis devastatit durin the uprisin in 1905 but later restored. Durin the Soviet occupation o Estonie, the manor hoose wis uised as the office o a collective ferm. The maist famous resident o the manor wis dramatist August von Kotzebue who acquired the estate in 1804. Durin his time, a smawl theatre wis put up at the estate an Kotzebue's plays wur aften performit.[3][4]

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