Glesga Airport

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Glesga Airport
Airport teepPublic
AwnerAGS Airports
OperatorGlasgow Airport Limited
LocationPaisley, Renfrewshire, Unitit Kinrick
Elevation AMSL26  ft / 8 m
Coordinates55°52′19″N 004°25′59″W / 55.87194°N 4.43306°W / 55.87194; -4.43306Coordinates: 55°52′19″N 004°25′59″W / 55.87194°N 4.43306°W / 55.87194; -4.43306
EGPF is located in Renfrewshire
Location o airport in Renfrewshire
Direction Lenth Surface
m ft
05/23 2,665 8,743 Groovit Asphalt
Statistics (2016)
Passenger chynge 15–16Increase7.0%
Aircraft muivements98,217
Muivements chynge 15–16Increase8.2%
Sources: UK AIP at NATS[1]
Statistics from the UK Civil Aviation Authority[2]
Location from Glasgow Airport[3]

Glesga Airport, an aw unoffeecially Glesga Internaitional Airport (IATA: GLA[4]ICAO: EGPF), umwhile Abbotsinch Airport, is a internaitional airport in Scotland, locatit 8.6 nautical mile (15.9 km; 9.9 mi) wast[1] o Glesga ceety centre. In 2016, the airport handled nearly 9.4 million passengers, a 7% annual increase, makkin it the seicont-busiest in Scotland, efter Edinburgh Airport, an the aicht-busiest airport in the Unitit Kinrick. It is the primar airport servin the wast o Scotland an is the principal transatlantic an direct lang-haul entry airport intae Scotland.

The airport is awned an operatit bi AGS Airports which awns an operates Aiberdeen an Southampton Airports an aw. It wis previously awned an operatit bi Heathrow Airport Holdings (umwhile kent as BAA).[5] The airport's lairgest tenants are British Airways an Loganair (currently franchisin uisin Flybe), the latter uisin it as a hub. Ither major airlines uisin GLA as a base include EasyJet, Jet2, Ryanair, Thomas Cook Airlines an Thomson Airways.

Glesga Airport wis opened in 1966 an oreeginally flichts anerly operatit tae ither places in the Unitit Kinrick an Europe. Glesga Airport began tae affer flichts tae ither places aroond the warld, flichts which previously uised Glesga Prestwick Airport, which wis subsequently relegatit as the ceety's seicontar airport caterin for law-cost airlines, freicht an chairter operators.

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