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British Airways plc (BA) is the banner carrier airline o the Unitit Kinrick which is based an heidquartered in Waterside, near its main hub at Lunnon Heathrow Airport. Breetish Airways operates a seicont hub at London Gatwick Airport an a third hub, served through its fully owned subsidiary, BA CityFlyer, at Lunnon Ceety Airport. British Airways is the lairgest airline in the UK based on fleet size, internaitional flichts an internaitional destinations. BA's UK passengers oreeginatin at non-Lunnon airports must connect via Lunnon efter British Airways discontinued aw direct owerseas flichts frae UK airports, ither than Heathrow, Gatwick an Lunnon Ceety Airports, wi the sale o BA Connect tae Breetish regional carrier Flybe in 2007.