Giya Kancheli

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Giya Kancheli
Gia Kancheli.jpg
Giya Kancheli photographed in Mairch 2010
Background information
Born 10 August 1935(1935-08-10)
Tbilisi, Georgie
Deid 2 October 2019 (aged 84)
Tbilisi, Georgie
Genres Soondtrack Clessical muisic
Thrift Componer
Instruments Piano, keybuird, synthesizer
Years active 1977–present
Associate acts Jansug Kakhidze

Giya Alexandrovich Kancheli (Georgie: გია ყანჩელი; born 10 August 1935 in Tbilisi, Transcaucasie SFSR, Soviet Union; deed 2 October 2019) wis a Georgie componer wha residit in Belgium.