Givat Washington

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Givat Washington (Hebrew: גבעת וושינגטון‬, lit. Washington Hill), kent as Beit Raban (Hebrew: בֵּית רַבָּן‬, lit. Hoose o Raban) an aw, is a releegious youth veelage in central Israel. Locatit near Kvutzat Yavne, it faws unner the jurisdiction o Hevel Yavne Regional Cooncil. In 2006 it haed a population o 670.

The veelage wis established in 1946 bi the Jewish community o Washington D.C., an initially served as an educational establishment for young Holocaust survivors. It nou haes a seicontary schuil, a midrasha, an ulpan an an academic college. Bi 2005 maist o the residents wur immigrants frae Fraunce an Colombie.

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Coordinates: 31°49′03″N 34°43′44″E / 31.8175°N 34.7289°E / 31.8175; 34.7289

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