Ghat, Libie

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Ghat (Arabic: غاتĠāt) is ceety an the caipital o the Ghat Destrict in remote sooth-wastren Libie.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In historical times, Ghat wis a major terminal point on the Trans-Saharan trade route an a major admeenistrative center in the Fezzan. It wis a stranghold for the Kel Ajjer Tuareg federation whose territory covered maist o sooth-wastren Libie - includin Ubari, Sebha an Ghadames - plus sooth-eastren Algerie (Djanet an Alezi).

Frae the 5t century BCE tae the 5t century o the modren era, the Fezzan wis hame tae the Garamantian Empire, a ceety state which operatit the Trans-Saharan trade routes atween the Carthaginians -- an later the Roman Empire -- an the Sahelian states o wast an central Africae. Durin the 13t an 14t century, portions o the Fezzan wur pairt o the Kanem Empire, while the Ottoman rulers o North Africae assertit their control ower the region in the 17t century.

Beginnin in 1911, Ghat an the Fezzan wis occupee'd bi Italy. Housomeivver, Italy's control o the region wis precarious till at least 1923, wi the rise o the Italian Fascist regime. The Italians wur resisted in their early attempts at conquest bi Berber an Arab adherents tae the militant Sanusiya Sufi releegious order. Italian control o Ghat wis especially precarious for a lang time, due tae the strang active presence o the britherhuid o the Senussi. Tae defend their positions, Italians built a fortress that dominates the ceety frae the hill o Koukemen. This fort is still staundin as a tourist destination o the ceety.

Durin the Seicont Warld War, Ghat wis occupied bi Fraunce frae 1943 till 1 Januar 1952, when the Unitit Naitions General Assembly passed a resolution statin that Libie shoud become independent. Fezzan Province wis then absorbed athin the borders o the Kinrick o Libie.

Tourism[eedit | eedit soorce]

The fortress o Ghat

Ghat is an important tourist destination due tae the existence o prehistoric rock paintins an engravins in the neighborin Tadrart Acacus an Tassili N'Ajjer muntains, in addition tae the beauty o the surroondin desert landscapes. A major tourist attraction in the toun itsel is the Fortress o Ghat, Koukemen.

Ghat Airport is the local airport in Ghat. It is served bi Ghadames Air Transport tae Sebha.

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 24°57′52″N 10°10′41″E / 24.96444°N 10.17806°E / 24.96444; 10.17806