German Hird

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German Hird
German Hird
Ither names
  • Alsatian wolf dog
  • Berger Allemand
  • Deutscher Schäferhund
  • Schäferhund
Wecht Male 30–40 kg (66–88 lb)[1][2]
Female 25–33 kg (55–73 lb)[1][2]
Hicht Male 60–65 cm (24–26 in)[1][2]
Female 55–60 cm (22–24 in)[1][2]
Coat Dooble coat
Colour Maist commonly tan wi black saidlery, Sable is dominant colour, an aw solit black an bi-colour
Bruid size 4–9[3]
Life span 9–13 years[4]
Clessification / staundarts
FCI Group 1 Herding dogs, Section 1 Sheepdogs #166;
Lang-haired 166a;
Short-haired 166b
AKC Hirdin/gairdian staundart
ANKC Group 5 – Working Dogs staundart
CKC Group 7 – Herding Dogs staundart
KC (UK) Pastoral staundart
NZKC Working staundart
UKC Herding Dog staundart
Domestic dug (Canis lupus familiaris)

The German Hird or German Stoddart (German: Deutscher Schäferhund, German pronunciation: [ˈdɔʏtʃɐ ˈʃɛːfɐˌhʊnt]) is a breed o medium tae lairge-sized wirkin dug that oreeginatit in Germany.

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