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George Marshall
General George C. Marshall, official military photo, 1946.JPEG
50t Unitit States Secretar o State
In office
Januar 21, 1947 – Januar 20, 1949
Preses Harry S. Truman
Precedit bi James F. Byrnes
Succeedit bi Dean G. Acheson
3rd Unitit States Secretar o Defence
In office
September 21, 1950 – September 12, 1951
Preses Harry S. Truman
Precedit bi Louis A. Johnson
Succeedit bi Robert A. Lovett
15t Unitit States Airmy Chief o Staff
In office
September 1, 1939 – November 18, 1945
Preses Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman
Precedit bi Malin Craig
Succeedit bi Dwight D. Eisenhower
Personal details
Born George Catlett Marshall, Jr.
31 December 1880(1880-12-31)
Uniontown, Pennsylvanie
Dee'd 16 October 1959(1959-10-16) (aged 78)
Washington, D.C.
Poleetical pairty Nonpartisan[1]
Spoose(s) Elizabeth Carter Coles Marshall
(m. 1902 – d. 1927)
Katherine Boyce Tupper Brown Marshall
Alma mater Virginie Militar Institute
Profession Soldier
Religion Episcopal[2]
Awairds Airmy Distinguished Service Medal (2)
Siller Starn
Nobel Peace Prize
Knicht Grand Cross o the Order o the Bath (Unitit Kinrick)
Militar service
Allegiance  Unitit States o Americae
Service/branch  Unitit States Airmy
Years o service 1902–1959[3]
Rank US Army O11 shoulderboard rotated.svg General o the Airmy
Commands Flag of the Chief of Staff of the United States Army.svg Chief o Staff o the Unitit States Airmy

Philippine–American War
Warld War I

Warld War II
Cheenese Ceevil War

George Catlett Marshall, Jr. (December 31, 1880 – October 16, 1959) wis an American statesman an soldier, famous for his leadership roles during Warld War II an the Cauld War.

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