Francis I, Haly Roman Emperor

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Francis I
Workshop of Martin van Meytens Kaiser Franz Stephan 02.jpg
Francis I bi Martin van Meytens
Haly Roman Emperor;
Keeng o Germany
Ring 13 September 1745 –
18 August 1765
Coronation 4 October 1745, Frankfurt
Predecessor Charles VII
Successor Joseph II
Airchduke o Austrick
Ring 21 November 1740 –
18 August 1765
Predecessor Maria Theresa
Successor Joseph II
Co-ruler Maria Theresa
Grand Duke o Tuscany
Reing 12 Julie 1737 – 18 August 1765
Predecessor Gian Gastone
Successor Leopold I
Duke o Lorraine
Ring 27 Mairch 1729 – 9 Julie 1737
Predecessor Leopold
Successor Stanisław I
Born 8 December 1708(1708-12-08)
Ducal Palace o Nancy, Lorraine, HRE
Dee'd 18 August 1765(1765-08-18) (aged 56)
Palace o Innsbruck, Austrick
Buirial Imperial Crypt, Vienna
Spouse Maria Theresa o Austrick
Full name
Francis Stephen
Hoose Hoose o Lorraine
Faither Leopold, Duke o Lorraine
Mither Élisabeth Charlotte d'Orléans
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Francis I (German: Franz Stefan; Italian: Francesco Stefano; Scots: Francis Stephen; 8 December 1708 – 18 August 1765)[2] wis Haly Roman Emperor an Grand Duke o Tuscany, thou his wife effectively executit the real powers o those poseetions. Wi his wife, Maria Theresa, he wis the foonder o the Habsburg-Lorraine dynasty.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Airchduchess Maria Elisabeth o Austrick (1737–1740) died childless.
  2. Airchduchess Maria Anna o Austrick (1738–1789) died childless.
  3. Airchduchess Maria Carolina o Austrick (1740–1741) died childless.
  4. Joseph II, Haly Roman Emperor (1741–1790) mairit (1) Princess Isabel o Parma then (2) Princess Maria Josepha o Bavarie an had childer.
  5. Airchduchess Maria Christina o Austrick, Duchess o Teschen (1742–1798) mairit Prince Albert Casimir August of Saxony, Duke of Teschen but died childless.
  6. Airchduchess Maria Elisabeth o Austrick (1743–1808) died childless.
  7. Airchduke Charles Joseph o Austrick (1745–1761) died childless.
  8. Airchduchess Maria Amalia o Austrick (1746–1804) mairit Ferdinand o Parma, Duke o Parma an had childer.
  9. Leopold II, Haly Roman Emperor (1747–1792)
  10. Airchduchess Maria Carolina o Austrick (stillborn 1748)
  11. Airchduchess Maria Johanna Gabriela o Austrick (1750–1762) died young.
  12. Airchduchess Maria Josepha o Austrick (1751–1767) died childless.
  13. Airchduchess Maria Carolina o Austrick (1752–1814) mairit Ferdinand I o the Twa Sicilies an had childer.
  14. Airchduke Ferdinand o Austrick, Duke o Breisgau (1754-1806) mairit Maria Beatrice d'Este, Duchess o Massa an had childer.
  15. Airchduchess Maria Antonia o Austrick (Marie Antoinette) (1755–1793) mairit Louis XVI o Fraunce an had childer.
  16. Airchdue Maximilian Francis o Austrick (1756–1801)

Titles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 8 December 1708 - 4 Juin 1723 His Highness Prince Francis Stephan o Lorraine.
  • 4 Juin 1723 - 27 Mairch 1729 His Highness The Hereditary Prince o Lorraine.
  • 27 Mairch 1729 - 12 July 1737 His Ryal Highness The Duke o Lorraine.
  • 12 Julie 1737 - 20 Januar 1745 His Ryal Highness The Grand Duke o Tuscany.
  • 20 Januar 1745 - 18 August 1765 His Imperial Majesty The Haly Roman Emperor.

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