Forth Brig

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(Reguidit frae Forth Railway Brig)
Forth Brig
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Coordinates56°00′02″N 3°23′19″W / 56.000421°N 3.388726°W / 56.000421; -3.388726Coordinates: 56°00′02″N 3°23′19″W / 56.000421°N 3.388726°W / 56.000421; -3.388726
CarriesRail traffic
CrossesFirth o Forth
LocaleEdinburgh, Inchgarvie an Fife, Scotland
Mainteened biBalfour Beatty unner contract tae Network Rail
DesignCantilever brig
Tot lenth8,094 ft (2,467 m)[1]
Width120 ft (37 m) at piers[1]
32 ft (9.8 m) at centre[1]
Hicht361 ft (110 m) abuin heich watter[1]
Langest span2 of 1,700 feet (520 m)[1]
Clearance ablo150 ft (46 m) tae heich water[1]
DesignerSir John Fowler an
Sir Benjamin Baker
Construction begin1882
Construction end1890
Opened4 Mairch 1890
Daily traffic190–200 trains per day
Offeecial nameThe Forth Brig
Criteriai, iv
Reference no.1485
Leetit Biggin – Category A
Offeecial nameForth Brig
Designatit18 Juin 1973
Reference no.LB40370
Forth Brig is located in Scotland
Forth Brig
Forth Brig
Location in Scotland

The Forth Brig is a cantilever railwey brig ower the Firth o Forth in the east o Scotland, 9 mile (14 kilometre) wast central Edinburgh. It wis appened on 4 Mairch 1890 an spans a tot lenth o 8,296 feet (2,528.7 m). It is whiles refert tae as the Forth Rail Brig fur tae distinguish it frae the Forth Road Brig, tho this haes neiver been an offeecial title.

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