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Ford Model 91

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A 1938 Ford-Vairogs V8 "De Luxe" mod. 81A.

The Ford Model 91 wis a caur made bi the Breetish Ford in 1939 ae an wis the last o the Breetish pre war V-8 range that haed startit wi the V8 18 in 1932. In tot 18,78 wur made. For the Breetish mercat it wis available as a twa door convertible, a twa door, five seat estate an a 4 door, 4 seat saloon. It wis pouered bi a 3622 cc Ford sidevalve V8 an still uised the transverse leaf suspension pioneered on the Model T.

The Model 91 wis an aa license biggit bi Ford-Vairogs in Latvie as Ford-Vairogs V8 De Luxe.

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