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Assembly o Ford-Vairogs in Riga in the 1930s.

Ford-Vairogs ("Vairogs" means "Shield") (earlier cawed "Fenikss") wis the name o a caur factory in Riga, Latvie, that produced license biggit Ford cars atween September 1937 an 1940 when it wis expropriatit as the property o the Soviet govrenment. No includin the war department orders, Ford-Vairogs made 200 buses, 1000 trucks an 332 automobiles.

The caurs made wur:

  • Ford-Vairogs V8 Standard, a copy o 1939 American Ford-V8 92A
  • Ford-Vairogs V8 De Luxe, a copy o 1939 American Ford-V8 91A
  • Ford-Vairogs Taunus, a copy o 1939 German Ford Taunus
  • Ford-Vairogs Junior, a 1937 Breetish Ford 10 Prefect. It wis an aa made in a military version.

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