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Fiji Hindi

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Fiji Hindi
फिजी बात or Fiji Baat
Native taeFiji, wi significant minorities
within Canada, Australie
an New Zealand an the
Unitit States o Americae.
Native speakers
(380,000 in Fiji citit 1990)[1]
Latin, Devanagari script
Leid codes
ISO 639-3hif

Fiji Hindi, also kent as Fijian Hindi or Fijian Hindustani, is the leid spoken bi maist Fijian ceetizens o Indie strynd, though a smaa nummer speak ither leids at home.[1] It is a fairm o the Awadhi variety o Hindi, influenced bi Bhojpuri, nae o Hindustani itself. It haes also borrowed a lairge nummer o wirds frae Fijian an Inglis. A lairge nummer o wirds, unique tae Fiji Hindi, hae been creatit tae cater for the new environment that Indo-Fijians nou live in. First-generation Fiji Indians, who uised the leid as a lingua franca in Fiji, referred tae it as Fiji Baat (Fiji talk).

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