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Farafra Oasis

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The Farafra Oasis (Arabic: الفرافرة‎) is the smawest oasis locatit in Wastren Egyp, near latitude 27.06° North an langitude 27.97° East. It is locatit in the Wastren Desert o Egyp, approximately mid-way atween Dakhla an Bahariya.

Farafra haes an estimatit 5,000 indwallers (2002) livin athin its single veelage an is maistly inhabitit bi the local Bedouins. Pairts o the veelage hae complete quarters o traditional airchitectur, semple, smooth, unadorned, aw in mud colour. Local pride haes an aa secured endeavours tae secure local cultur. An aa locatit near Farafra are the hot springs at Bir Setta an the El-Mufid lake.

A main geographic attraction o Farafra is its White Desert (kent as Sahara el Beyda, wi the wird sahara meanin a desert). The White Desert o Egyp is locatit 45 km (30 mile) north o Farafra. The desert haes a white, cream colour an haes massive chalk rock formations that hae been creatit as a result o occasional sandstorm in the aurie. The Farafra desert is a teepical place visited bi some schuils in Egyp, as a location for campin trips. The Desert wis an aa the featurt location in the muisic video for "Echoes" bi the Klaxons.

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White Desert Panorama

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Coordinates: 27°03′30″N 27°58′12″E / 27.05833°N 27.97000°E / 27.05833; 27.97000

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