Taklamakan Desert

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Taklamakan Desert
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Chinese name
Semplifeed Cheenese塔克拉玛干沙漠
Tradeetional Cheenese塔克拉瑪干沙漠
Uyghur name
Uyghurتەكلىماكان قۇملۇقى

The Taklamakan Desert, kent as Taklimakan an Teklimakan an aw, is a desert in soothwast Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, northwast Cheenae. It is boondit bi the Kunlun Muntains tae the sooth, the Pamir Muntains an Tian Shan (auncient Munt Imeon) tae the wast an north, an the Gobi Desert tae the east.

Coordinates: 38°54′N 82°12′E / 38.9°N 82.2°E / 38.9; 82.2