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Tian Shan

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Tian Shan
The Tian Shan range on the border atween Cheenae an Kyrgyzstan wi Khan Tengri (7,010 m) veesible at center.
Heichest pynt
PeakJengish Chokusu
Elevation7,439 m (24,406 ft)
Coordinates42°02′06″N 80°07′32″E / 42.03500°N 80.12556°E / 42.03500; 80.12556
States/ProvincesFergana Province, Jammu and Kashmir and Northern Auries o Pakistan
Range coordinates42°N 80°E / 42°N 80°E / 42; 80Coordinates: 42°N 80°E / 42°N 80°E / 42; 80
Age o rockCenozoic
Offeecial nameXinjiang Tianshan
Criteriavii, ix
Designatit2013 (37t session)
Reference no.1414
State PairtyCheenae

The Tian Shan (Cheenese: 天山; pinyin: Tiānshān; Mongolie: Тэнгэр уул, Tenger uul; Uyghur: تەڭرىتاغ‎; Kyrgyz: Ала-Тоо; Kazakh: Тәңіртау), an aa spelled Tien Shan, is a muckle seestem o muntain reenges fund in Central Asie. The heichest peak in the Tian Shan is Victory Peak (Jengish Chokusu), 7,439 metre (24,406 ft).