FC Dynamo Moscow

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Fou name Футбольный клуб Динамо Москва
(Fitbaa Club Dynamo Moscow)
Elk-name(s) Belo-golubye (White-blues), Dinamiki (Louders)
Musora (Cops)
Foondit 1923
Grund Arena Khimki
(capacity: 18,636)
Awner VTB Bank
Chairman Gennadi Solovyov
Manager Dan Petrescu
League Roushie Premier League
2011–12 4t
Home colours
Away colours
Current season

Dynamo Moscow (Dinamo Moscow, Dinamo Moskva, Russian: Динамо Москва) is a Roushie fitbaa club based in Moscow, currently playin in the Roushie Premier League. The team's home grund is Dynamo Stadium. Dynamo's traditional kit colours ar blue an white. Their crest is o a blue letter "D", written in a traditional Cyrillic style, on a white backgrund wi the name oftheir home toun "Moscow" written in front o a fitbaa underneath. Club's motto "Pouer in Motion" haed been proposed bi Maxim Gorky, the famous Russian/Soviet author who ance wis an active member o the Dynamo sports society.

Dynamo Moscow is the auldest Roushie fitbaa club an the ae ane which haes always played in the top tiers o the Soviet (for the Soviet era - sharin this achievement jointly wi Dynamo Kyiv) an the Roushie fitbaa competitions never being relegatit tae the lawer divisions.

During the Soviet era it wis affiliated wi the MVD (Ministry o Internal Affairs - The Soviet Militia & the KGB) an wis a part o Dynamo sports society. On 10 Aprile 2009, VTB Bank acquired 74% of the stock in the club. The club wis foondit in 1923 bi Felix Dzerzhinsky.

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