Erse Airmy

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an tArm
Badge of the Irish Defence Forces.svg
Cap badge o the Army
Active Februar 1922–present
Kintra Ireland
Teep Airmy
Size 7,310 permanent personnel[1]
2,188 Reserve (Nov 2015)[2]
Pairt o Defence Forces
Wabsteid Defence Forces - Army
Chief o Staff o the Defence Forces Vice Admiral Mark Mellett DSM[3]
GOC 1st Brigade Brigadier General Patrick Flynn[4]
GOC 2nd Brigade Brigadier General Howard Berney[5]
GOC DFTC Brigadier General Joe Mulligan[6]

The Erse Airmy, kent semply as the Airmy (Inglis: Army; Erse: an tArm), is the laund component o the Defence Forces o Ireland.

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