Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway
Hemingway wirkin on his beuk For Whom the Bell Tolls at the Sun Valley Lodge, Idaho, in December 1939
Born21 Julie 1899(1899-07-21)
Oak Park, Illinois, United States
Dee'd2 Julie 1961(1961-07-02) (aged 61)
Ketchum, Idaho, Unitit States
AwairdsPulitzer Prize for Feection (1953)
Nobel Prize in Leeteratur (1954)

Ernest Miller Hemingway (21 Julie 1899 - 2 Julie 1961) wis an American writer. He is generally thocht tae be a member o the Lost Generation. Some fowk say that, o the mony chairacters he creatit in his beuks, the author himsel wis his best creation.