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Ennis is locatit in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 52°50′47″N 8°58′51″W / 52.8463°N 8.9807°W / 52.8463; -8.9807Coordinates: 52°50′47″N 8°58′51″W / 52.8463°N 8.9807°W / 52.8463; -8.9807
Kintra Ireland
Province Munster
Coonty Coonty Clare
Dáil Éireann Clare
Elevation 3 m (10 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Urban 20,180
 • Rural 5,180
Irish Grid Reference R333780
Wabsteid www.visitennis.ie

Ennis (Erse: Inis, meaning "island") is the coonty toun o Clare in Ireland. Situatit on the River Fergus, it lies north o Limerick an sooth o Galway. Its name is a shortenin of the oreeginal Inis Cluain Ramh Fhada ("lang rowin meadow island").

The toun is 19 km (12 mi) frae Shannon an Shannon Airport. Geographically locatit near the mouth o the Fergus estuary, it is nou a gateway tae the Wast o Clare via the N85 Wastren relief road for fowk travellin frae the Limerick an East Clare regions.[1]

The 2006 census indicates that Ennis haed a population o 24,253 makin it the lairgest toun in Munster an the saxt lairgest town in Ireland.[2] It is the 11t lairgest urban centre in the kintra.

In 2005 Ennis wan the Irish Tidy Towns Competition.[3] The toun haes maintained this hie status ower the years comin 2nt in 2008, an improvement on the previous year.[4]

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