Emma Goldman

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Emma Goldman
Goldman, circa 1911
Born27 Juin 1869(1869-06-27)
Kovno, Roushie Empire
Dee'd14 Mey 1940(1940-05-14) (aged 70)
Toronto, Ontario, Canadae

Emma Goldman (Juin 27 [O.S. Juin 15], 1869 – Mey 14, 1940) wis an anarchist kent for her poleetical activism, writin, an speeches. She played a pivotal role in the development o anarchist poleetical filosofie in North Americae an Europe in the first hauf o the 20t century.

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  1. Diggs, Nancy Brown (1998). Steel Butterflies: Japanese Women and the American Experience. Albany: State Univ. of New York Press. p. 99. ISBN 0791436233. Like other radicals of the time, Noe Itō was most influenced by none other than Emma Goldman.