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Elisabeth Rehn

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Märta Elisabeth Rehn (née Carlberg) (born 6 Aprile 1935 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish politeecian who wis a MP o the Swadish Fowkpairty an the first female Meenister o Defence in Finland. In the 1994 presidential elections she wis narraely defeatit bi Martti Ahtisaari.

Elisabeth Rehn spent her childhuid in Mäntsälä, whaur her faither wirked as a community medical doctor. Rehn went tae a local schuil in Mäntsälä afore enterin a boardin schuil in Kauniainen.

Rehn received the degree o Maister o Science in Economics in 1957 an haes honorary degrees in poleetical science frae baith Hanken School o Economics an Åbo Akademi University. In the beginnin o the 1960s Rehn wis kent tae be the first body in Finland tae import an mercat the plastic Tupperware containers.

Rehn haed a heich profile as the first female Meenister o Defence in Finland. In 1995, durin Rehn's term as Meenister o Defence, a law on voluntary female enleetment wis enactit. In recent years Rehn haes been kent for her internaitional assignments, as UN Unner-Secretary General an as the Special Rapporteur for Human Richts in Bosnie an Herzegovinae.

Rehn is a Member o the Global Leadership Foundation, an organization which wirks tae promote guid govrenance aroond the warld.[1]

Rehn wis marrit tae Ove Rehn frae 1955 till his daith, an they hae fower childer: Veronica, Joakim, Charlotta an Johan. Ove Rehn dee'd on 8 November 2004.

Rehn is a twa-time cancer survivor. She recovered frae colon cancer in the 1990s an wis diagnosed wi breast cancer in 2000.[2]

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