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Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden in 2013
BornEdward Joseph Snowden
(1983-06-21) 21 Juin 1983 (age 41)
Elizabeth City, North Carolina, U.S.
ResidenceRoushie (temporar asylum) 3 years
ThriftSeestem admeenistrator
EmployerBooz Allen Hamilton
Kunia Camp, Hawaii, U.S.
(till June 10, 2013)
Kent forRevealin details o classifee'd Unitit States govrenment surveillance programs
TermFebruar 18, 2014–present
Criminal charge
Theft o govrenment property, unauthorisit communication o naitional defense information, an willful communication o classifee'd intelligence tae a unauthorisit person (Juin 2013)
AwairdsSam Adams Award (2013)[1]
Right Livelihood Award (2014)[2]
Stuttgart Peace Prize (2014)[3]

Edward Joseph Snowden (born 21 June 1983) is an American computer professional, with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, as an independent contractor for the United States Government who copied and leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013 without prior authorization. His disclosure revealed numerous global surveillance programs, many run by the NSA an the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance with the cooperation of telecommunication companies an European governments.


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