Economy o Scotland

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The economy o Scotland cleeks intae that o the lave o Europe an is tae the maist pairt a melled economy. Scotland haes the fowert lairgest GDP per heid o ony region o the Unitit Kinrick efter Lunnon, the Sooth East o Ingland an the East o Ingland.

Scotland wis ane o the industrial pouerhooses o Europe frae the time o the Industrial Revolution forrit, bein a warld leader in manufacturin an shipbiggin relatit industries, at the time, that the day haes left a legacy in the diversity o guids an services that the Scots economy produces frae textiles, whisky an shortbreid tae aeroingines, buses, computer saftware, ships, avionics an microprocessors tae baunkin, insurance, fond guidal an ither sib financial services.

In common wi maist ither advanced industrialised economies, Scotland haes seen a dwynin o the importance o the manufacturin industries an primary-based extractive industries. This haes, housomeiver, been gang thegither wi a rise in the service sector o the economy that's nou the lairgest sector in Scotland, wi signeeficant rates o growthe ower the bygane decade.

The Breetish poond sterling is the offeecial siller o Scotland, an the middlins baunk o the UK is the Bank o Ingland that hauds responsibeelity for the monetar policy o the hale o the Unitit Kinrick.