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Dumbairton (Inglis: Dumbarton, Scots Gaelic: Dùn Breatainn) is a toun in Wast Dunbartonshire in Scotland. The toun ligs oan the north bank o the River Clyde whaur the River Leven flowes intil the Firth o Clyde. In 2006, it haed aboot 19,990 indwallers.[1]

The nam, whilk wis umwhyl spelt Dunbairton, cums frae the Scots Gaelic Dùn Breatainn meinin "fort o the Britons". Dumbairton Castil, liggin oan the tap o Dumbarton Rock, keppit a watch ower the aurie. Dumbairton wis a Ryal burgh atwein 1222 an 1975.[2] It wis the heidtoun o the aunshint Kingrik o Strathclyde an wis the centur o govrenance fur the umwhyl coontie o Dunbaritonshire anaw.

Frae the nynteent yeirhunder the toun wis a centur fur ship-biggin, gless-makkin an whiskie-makkin. Thir industries hae syn dwyn'd, an Dumbairton is mair an mair a commuter toun fur Glesga, 13 mile eist-sooth-eist.

Dumbairton haes a fitbaa team, cried Dumbarton F.C.

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