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OreiginMadrid, Spain
GenresPouer metal
Years active2003–present
Associate actsDark Moor
MembersElisa Martin
Albert Maroto
Carlos "Ke Patxa" Peña
Jorge Sáez

Dreamaker is a Spaingie pouer metal baund, formit bi three umwhile Dark Moor members, follaein the baund's split.

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dreamaker begun whan vocalist Elisa Martin, guitarist Albert Maroto an drummer Jorge Sáez left Dark Moor, in 2003, due tae muisical differs. They wur suin jyned bi seicont guitarist Matias Sosa an bassist Carlos Peña an Dark Moor's umwhile keyboardist, Roberto Camús, wha haed left the baund in 2002, offered tae play wi Dreamaker, but left the baund in a short time an wis replaced bi Nino Ruiz.

The baund received a recordin deal frae Arise Records for twa albums in September o that year, an proceedit tae record their first album - Human Device. It wis lowsed ootthrough Europe, Japan an in a few Spainyie-speakin kintras in early 2004.

A Japanese tour follaed in Mey an, while in the kintra, guitarists Albert Maroto an Matias Sosa recordit a video for Young Guitar Magazine.

Dreamaker then recordit the album Enclosed, in Mairch o 2005, introducin mair electronic an mainstream elements intae their soond.

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