Elisa Martin

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Elisa Candelas Martin (born 3 August 1972 ) is a Spaingie sangster who haes been the vocalist for pouer metal baunds Dark Moor, Hamka, Fairyland and Dreamaker.

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Elisa startit sangin in metal baunds when she wis anerlie 12 year auld. She formed a few Spainyie baunds: Necrópolis, Five Cross an Sabatan, which she recordit twa E.P’s for in 1994, but the baund split up an Elisa joined Dark Moor. Wi Dark Moor she recordit twa demos till 1997, when the baund signed a contract wi the Spainyie label ‘Arise Records’ an recordit their first album Shadowland. In 1998 the seicont album The Hall of the Olden Dreams wis released an in the same year she recordit an EP The Fall of Melnibone, which features unpublished sangs, covers frae ither baunds an bonus tracks frae Japan. In 2002 she recordit a new CD called The Gates of Oblivion an a few months later she joined the young French baund Fairyland as their special guest in their debut album. Elisa acceptit their offer tae join the baund an in 2003 she recordit her first album wi ‘Fairyland’ called Of Wars in Osyrhia, published for the French label ‘NTS’. Elisa came back tae Spain an recordit the E.P Between Light and Darkness wi Dark Moor. It wis the last album she woud record wi Dark Moor afore the baund split up. She an three o Dark Moor’s ex-members formed Dreamaker, which she haes been wi ever since. The baund recordit the albums called Human Device (2004) an Enclosed(2005) wi. Currently Elisa is workin on her first solo album.[1]

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