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Donetsk Fowkrepublic

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Banner o Donetsk Sluagh-Phoblachd

Donetsk Fowkrepublic or "DPR" an "DNR" (ukr. Донецька Народна Республіка; rus. Донецкая Народная Республика) is a secessionist govrenment controlling pairt o the eastren area o Donetsk Ukraine.


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The organisation uisin "DNR" on Apryle 7, 2014, declared unthirldom. The same day, the authorities o Ukraine hae begun tae cairy oot military operations against the secessionist govrenment.

Armed conflict continues the day.

Armed Forces o Ukraine wis released mair nor 70% o the occupied territory.[citation needit]

The day, the release o the occupied territories are actively ongoing.

The "DNR" serves mony Russian military an a lairge nummer o bodies bein taken tae Roushie efter a battle wi the Ukrainian Army.[citation needit]


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