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Doberdò del Lago

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Doberdò del Lago

Comune di Doberdò del Lago
Loch Doberdò, actually a karst sinkhole.
Loch Doberdò, actually a karst sinkhole.
Coat of airms o Doberdò del Lago
Coat airms
Doberdò del Lago is located in Italy
Doberdò del Lago
Doberdò del Lago
Location o Doberdò del Lago in Italy
Coordinates: 45°50′36.56″N 13°32′26.24″E / 45.8434889°N 13.5406222°E / 45.8434889; 13.5406222
RegionFriuli-Venezia Giulia
FrazioniDevetachi (Devetaki), Jamiano (Jamlje), Marcottini (Poljane), Visintini (Vižintini), Palichisce (Palkišče), Micoli (Mikoli), Bonetti (Boneti), Berne (Brni), Ferletti (Ferletiči), Sablici (Sabliči), Issari (Hišarji), Lago di Doberdò (Doberdob).
 • Total26.9 km2 (10.4 sq mi)
92 m (302 ft)
 (2008 According to the 1971 census, 96% of the population are Slovenes.)
 • Total1,475
 • Density55/km2 (140/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Diallin code0481
WebsiteOffeecial wabsteid

Doberdò del Lago (Slovene: Doberdob) is a comune (municipality) in the Province o Gorizia in the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, locatit aboot 30 km northwast o Trieste an aboot 11 km soothwast o Gorizia, an borders the follaein municipalities: Duino-Aurisina, Fogliano Redipuglia, Komen (Slovenie), Miren-Kostanjevica (Slovenie), Monfalcone, Ronchi dei Legionari, Sagrado, an Savogna d'Isonzo. It is locatit in the wastmaist pairt o the Kras Plateau.

It's inhabitit maistly bi Slovenes. Afore Warld War I, Slovene-speakers comprised amaist the totality (aroond 99%) o the population. In the 1971 census, 96% o the inhabitants wur Slovene-speakin. Syne then, the nummer o Slovenes haes slichtly fallen, maistly due tae the increased immigration o Italian speakers frae neebourin touns o Monfalcone an Ronchi dei Legionari. The day, a estimatit 86% o the inhabitants belang tae the Slovene ethnic minority.

Doberdò localities include Devetachi, Jamiano, Marcottini, an Visintini.[1]

Geographical location

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Karst landscape near Doberdò.

Doberdò is the anerly municipality in the Province o Gorizie that lees entirely on the Kras (Carso) plateau. The Doberdò aurie haes a crucial strategic position. Throuoot the middle o the municipality, in fact, runs a relatively wide an flat canyon that stretches frae north tae sooth, connectin the Vipava Valley tae the Adriatic Sea. The canyon is cried simply Dol (Slovene for vale). The main road atween Gorizia an Trieste runs throu this canyon, which is the maist direct connection atween the Goriška region an the seaside.

At its soothren edge, the Dol Canyon widens intae a teepical karst polje, dominatit bi Loch Doberdò. The veelage o Doberdò is locatit wast o Dol Canyon, on a elevatit section o the Carso Plateau kent as the Doberdò Karst (Carso di Doberdò, Doberdobski Kras). On the east side o the Dol Canyon rises the plateau kent as the Trieste an Komen Karst (Tržaško-komenski Kras), which continues eastwaird an soothwaird intae neebourin Slovenie.[2] Dol Canyon ends in the narrae Timavo Valley, which is awready locatit in the neebourin municipality o Duino.


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The pairish kirk in Doberdò.

The Slavic ancestors o the present-day Slovenes settled the Kras plateau in the 7t century AD. In the Middle Ages, the veelage belangit tae the Lombard Kinrick, the Frankish Kinrick, tae the Patriairchate o Aquileia, an feenally tae the Coonts o Gorizia which acquired it in the 15t century.

The veelage wis first mentioned in 1179 as Dobradan. This wis probably as misspellin o the Slovene name Doberdob. Thegither wi the rest o the Coonty o Gorizia, Doberdob came unner Habsburg rule in 1500, an remained pairt o the Habsburg Monarchy till 1918, when it wis occupeed an annexed tae Italy.

The whole aurie wis the scene o fierce fechtin atween the Austro-Hungarian an the Italian Airmies durin Warld War I. The veelage wis completely destroyed durin the Battles o the Isonzo. Mair nor a fift o the population lost their lives as a consequence o the war. Atween 1922 an 1943, Doberdob wis subjectit tae a policy o violent Fascist Italianization. Durin this period, the veelage wis pairt o the Province o Trieste.

Durin Warld War II, the Communist-lead Leeberation Front o the Slovenie Fowk organisit anti-Fascist resistance in the aurie stairtin frae late 1942. Mony locals focht an dee'd in the Yugoslav pairtisan units. The veelage wis leeberatit bi the Yugoslav Fowkairmy on 1 Mey 1945. The Yugoslavs athdrew awready in Juin o the same year, an wur replacit bi the Anglo-American Militar admeenistration. In September 1947, the veelage wis reincorporatit intae Italy, an wis includit in the Province o Gorizia.

Atween the mid 1950s an the late 1980s, Doberdob wis ane o the electoral stranghaulds o the Italian Communist Pairty, awtho a significant proportion o the electorate supportit the Slovene Union an aw, the democratic pairty o the Slovenes in Italy. Syne the 1990s, the vast majority o the population haes supportit ane the left-wing poleetical pairties.

Cultur an eddication

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The veelage haes a state-run preschuil, elementar schuil, an heich schuil, aw o thaim wi Slovenie as the leid o instruction. The elementar schuil is namit efter the Slovenie writer Prežihov Voranc, while the heich schuil is namit efter Ivan Trinko, a Slovene bishop, author and minority rights activist from Friulian Slovenia.

Most locals speak in the Karst dialect of Slovene.

There are many cultural and civic associations in the municipality.

Seembolic place o WWI

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Austro-Hungarian militar cemetery in Doberdò.

Durin Warld War I, the veelage wis the scene o the Battle o Doberdò. Syne mony Slovene sodgers focht in the battle as sodgers o the Austro-Hungarian Airmy. A popular war sang Doberdob wi the verse "Doberdob, slovenskih fantov grob" ("Doberdò, the grave o Slovene lads"), made the name o the veelage kent aw athort the Slovene Lands. In 1940, the Slovene writer Prežihov Voranc chose the name o the veelage as the title for ane o his best-kent novels, Doberdob (unnertitled: "The War Novel o the Slovene Fowk"). Wi this novel, Doberdò became the central seembolic place o the Slovene victims in Warld War I.

Doberdò is a seembolic place for the Hungarians an aw, syne mony o thaim dee'd in the battle fechting in the Austro-Hungarian Airmy. In Hungary, thare is a popular war sang wi the name Doberdó, reminiscent o the battle. In Mey 2009, a chapel commemoratin the Hungarian victims o the Battles o the Isonzo wis inauguratit in the hamlet o Visintini (Slovene: Vižintini) wi a trilingual, Italian-Hungarian-Slovene inscription.

Notable natives

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Notable fowk born in the municipality o Doberdò include the Slovenie leeberal economist Milko Brezigar, the Slovenie social-democratic politeecian an lawyer Josip Ferfolja, an the Italian cyclist Giorgio Ursi (Jurij Uršič).

Twin touns

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