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Republic o Djibouti
جمهورية جيبوتي
Jumhūriyyat Jībūtī
République de Djibouti
Banner o Djibouti
Emblem o Djibouti
Banner Emblem
Naitional motto: "Unité, Égalité, Paix"  (translation)
"Unity, Equality, Peace"
Location o  Djibouti  (Green)
Location o  Djibouti  (Green)
Offeecial leid Arabic, French
Caipital Djibouti Ceety
Lairgest ceety caipital

Heid o State -
Prime Meenister -

Semi-presidential republic

Preses Ismail Omar Guelleh

Dileita Mohamed Dileita

Area 23,200
Population 864,000
Foondin Frae Fraunce
27 Juin 1977
Siller Franc
Time zone (EAT+3)
Naitional anthem Djibouti
Naitional flouer
Patron saunt
Internet TLD .dj
Cawin code 253

Djibouti (Arabic: جيبوتي ‎‎ Jībūtī), offeecially the Republic o Djibouti, is a kintra in the Horn o Africae. It is bordered bi Eritrea in the north, Ethiopie in the wast an sooth, an Somalie in the sootheast. The remainder o the border is formed bi the Red Sea an the Gulf o Aden. Djibouti, wi 865,000 citizens (2009), is ane o the least populous kintras in Africae.[1] The predominant releegion in Djibouti, wi a 94% majority, is Muslim, wi the remainin sax percent claimin Christianity. In the 1800s, Djibouti, then French Somaliland, wis acquired bi Fraunce through various treaties wi Somali sultans.[2] It wis declared an independent naition in 1977, an chynged its name tae the present day Republic o Djibouti. Djibouti joined the Unitit Nations on September 20, 1977.[3][4] While Djibouti is an independent state, it maintains deep French relations, an through various military an economic agreements wi Fraunce, it receives continued security an economic assistance.[5]

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