Dhamar, Yemen

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Dhamar is located in Yemen
Location in Yemen
Coordinates: 14°34′0″N 44°24′6″E / 14.56667°N 44.40167°E / 14.56667; 44.40167
Kintra Yemen
Time zoneUTC+3 (Yemen Staundart Time)

Dhamar (Arabic: ذمار‎) is the caipital o Dhamar Govrenorate in soothwastren Yemen.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dhamar is situatit 100 km tae the sooth o Sana'a, north o Ibb, an wast o Al-Beidha, 2700 m abuin sea level. Its name “Dhamar” goes back tae the keeng o Sheba an Dou-Reddan at 15-35 AD. whose name wis Dhamar Ali Yahber, an whose statue wis foond at the ceety o Al-Nakhla Al-Hamra’a ("The Red Palm"). This ceety is ane o the aircheological steids that are foond near Dhamar.

The ceety o Dhamar is the caipital o the govrenorate an is situatit on the main road, which connects Sana’a wi a nummer o ither govrenorates. This ceety wis ane o the famous Arabic an Islamic cultur an scienteefic centers in Yemen. Its Great Mosque wis biggit in the period o the caliph Abi-Bakr Al-Sadeek.

As Dhamar ceety haed a great role in the poleetical an tradin life in Yemen. It haed a vera important historical role in Yemen afore the Islamic age. The antique Yemeni engravins mentioned Dhamar as bein a vera famous centre o the Islamic studies an sciences, an mony o the great scientists are attributit tae this historical toun.

In past times, the fowk o Dhamar war famous for bringin up horse; the ceety wis an early centre o horse-breedin in Arabie. The toun is still famous in Yemen for its numerous historical mosques an schuils, which are distinguished bi thair bonnie characteristic airchitectur in harmony wi the colours o its volcano land.

The ceety o Dhamar, in the centre o the Dhamar basin, is o auncient oreegin. It wis biggit bi the legendary Himyarite Keeng Dhamar Ali, renouned for restorin the great dam o Ma’rib. Dhamar is the anerlie toun in northren Yemen, which is no surroondit bi a waw or naitural defensive formations; it is juist a dounset on the plains. Centrally situatit wi guid connections tae the nearbi govrenorates, the toun haes prospered as a Wadensday mercat an meetin place for tribes livin nearbi.

It is hame tae the University o Dhamar the lairgest varsity in the kintra.